Cookies policy

Our website uses cookies to save non identifying data about your website visit.

Google Analytics Usage
We use Google Analytics to monitor the performance of our site, like many website owners do as standard. The Google tool does not collect any personal information, but if you would prefer not to be included in our website analytics data, you can download Google’s opt-out browser add-on here.

This link on Google Analytics Safeguarding Your Data maybe of interest to you too.

Google Analytics full terms of service can be found here by clicking this link.

Do you have any questions?
You can discuss our privacy policy with us via email at If you believe you have received unsolicited email from, please send your complaint to us along with a copy of the unsolicited email, we will review this and we will do everything we can to ensure that this does not happen again.

We reserve the right to change or update the wording of this policy, at any time.

Please read the following info on this website’s cookies carefully as if you use the website you are agreeing to the use of the cookies this website uses.

By visiting the website, and allowing your browser to accept cookies as normal, then we can reasonably take from this that you want the website functions to work throughout the website during your visit. With your consent given to the use of these cookies on this website as described within this policy. Please note, by trying to use this website with cookies disabled in your browser, then some or all of this website might fail to work as intended.

Below you can read more information, which describes how the website uses of cookies and provides you with the information you require, to modify your browser settings to control your settings to what you are happy with.

What is a browser cookie?
All websites use cookies to store small text files in your browser cache on the device you are viewing any website on. There is many uses for them including to help navigate round a site and record which pages you have visited. Saving your personal settings if you have made any on the website, for example pre-entered input field suggestions or preferences you have set, or if you have a login to a website then it uses cookies to know you are a returning user etc and show you a personal welcome message etc which might contain your name.

Every website today almost works with cookies to help improve the website and usability of the website to give the user the best experience while on the website. By disabling cookies in your browser this can stop a lot of parts or even whole website from performing like it should, and have limited functions then working.

When using a browser to view a website that uses cookies, if the browser settings enable normal use of the cookies, this then allows the website to send a small text file, or cookie as they are called, to your device behind the scenes of the website. Then when you visit a different page of the website, it might use that information cookie to provide certain functionality of the website. When you revisit a website, it may again request to update the website cookie to ease your use of the website and show you automatic things about your last visit, for example showing you the last product you viewed or showing you items you added to a cart but never completed checkout and so on.

How this website uses browser cookies
Cookies are used on this website for the following purposes:
Anonymously tracking of page visits, hits, search terms, time on page, visitor locations etc. for statistical purposes, which helps to improve the website. We use Google Analytics for this information about use of our website. For example, with the stats information, we would be able to know how many visitors from England we have had on the website, how many visitors used Chrome or Firefox as a browser, if you used an smart phone or desktop, and what search words visitors used to find the website etc. Improving our security on the website, to prevent future suspicious activity and protect the personal information entered into the website for a quote.

Controlling your browser cookies
You can use the help menu within whatever browser you use to control the choices you want for your website and internet cookies needs. With the number of devices and browsers on the market being used by online viewers/users, and the various versions of each browser there is out there active in the market, this makes it hard for us to give you more precise details on your own browser settings. But by using your browser help menu and search for cookie, then this should give you all the browser cookie advice/settings that you are looking for.